Season 2017/2018

Match Attax 2017/2018

Match Attax, the world’s most successful football trading card game! Featuring amazing new designs, brand new subsets, addictive gameplay plus the biggest stars of the Premier League, this season’s collection is sure to get football fans everywhere excited. Don’t miss out and place your order now for Match Attax, the Official Premier League trading card game!

Total Number Of Cards To Collect From Packets, SP’s, Mini Tins, Multi Packs : 477
• Regular Player Cards: 326
• Star Player: 20 • Club Badges: 20
• Skill Sub Sets: 16
• 100 Club Foil Cards: 11

Look out for Genuine Signed Cards from Global Superstar KEVIN DE BRUYNE only inside lucky packets this season!

MATCH ATTAX 2017/2018 Card Packets


6 cards per pack
50 boosters per display


MATCH ATTAX  2017/2018 Mini Collector Tins

36 cards in each tin
A Gold/Silver/Bronze Limited Edition Card!


MATCH ATTAX 2017/2018 Starter Packs


Standard Collector Binder
Front Cover with checklist on reverse
Back Cover with checklist on reverse
A2 Two Player Game Pitch
Game Guide Booklet
Packet of 24 cards in clear wrap including Limited Edition card!


MATCH ATTAX 2017/2018 3 Pack Blister

6 cards per booster
3 boosters per pack